1. My job will require 6 bags of ready mix concrete. How many Mixing Bags will I need?

Answer: ONE BAG    Our Mixing Bag is Reusable and in most cases one Mixing Bag will be enough to complete the typical “Do It Yourself” project.  One customer told us that he successfully mixed over 20 bags of ready mix concrete using a single Reusable Concrete Mixing Bag.

2. Will I need to lift the mixing bag with concrete in it?

Answer: No!  Set up your mixing right next to where you plan to use your mixed concrete.  Rock the Mixing Bag back and forth for one minute to completely mix your concrete.  After the mixing is complete, simply remove the Hook & Loop strap and tip the bag over to pour out the completely mixed concrete into your concrete form or post hole.

3. How Much water will I need to add?

Answer: See Our Helpful Hints Chart. Some ready mix manufacturers indicate on their bags the amount of water to use and some do not.  Our “Helpful Hints” are printed on the Mixing Bag. We provide a chart to indicate the correct amount of water to add in order to get your “ideal mix”.  Sidewalks and steps work best with a “Dry” mix while posts and footers are easiest with a “Wet” mix. Once you determine the correct amount of water for your job, mark your water container (I use a gallon jug) and all of your subsequent batches will come our perfect!  Important: You can always add water… but you can not take it out.  Start with a dry mix and add a little more water to come up with your ideal mix.  Once you have determined the exact amount of water needed, based on the size of ready mix bag you are using, all of your batches will be perfect!