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The Reusable Concrete Mixing Bag.

                Finally…an easy way to mix and pour ready mix concrete products with No Mess!

The Cement Solution Company has developed a patent pending system for mixing and pouring ready mix concrete which eliminates the need for mixing tools.  The Reusable Concrete Mixing Bag provides a “No Clean Up” way to mix and pour all kinds of ready mix concrete products.

      NO BUCKET – NO TOOLS – NO MESS            


Once you use the Reusable Concrete Mixing Bag… you will never go back to the old fashioned “wheel barrow” or “bucket” method for mixing concrete.

The Reusable Concrete Mixing Bag, will save energy, effort and time.  Studies have shown that when the Reusable Concrete Mixing Bag is used, up to 70% Less energy, effort and time is needed, for completing the mixing, pouring and cleanup steps on a concrete mixing project.

The Cement Solution Story

A “Simple Solution for an everyday problem.”  

How can I quickly mix a batch of ready mix concrete without making a big mess?

As the inventor of the Reusable Concrete Mixing Bag, I had this same problem. 

My wife wanted a clothes line in the back yard of our new home.  I hate clothes lines!  As a kid I remember running through a neighbor’s back yard at night and catching a clothesline “neck high”.  As I was looking up at  the stars (flat on my back), I swore I’d “never put one of those things in my yard”.

I talked my wife into letting me install a single pole “umbrella type” outdoor clothes dryer.  She agreed.  Yahoo! I had just cut my work time in half since now I only had to dig one hole and mix one bag of ready mix concrete.

I drove to my local hardware store and purchased the umbrella type clothes pole and a bag of ready mix concrete.


I dug a hole and was ready to mix the concrete when I remembered that my neighbor had borrowed my wheel barrow and he was out of town on vacation.  The only bucket I had available was “under the kitchen sink”. (I wasn’t about to use THAT one!)  How was I going to mix this bag of ready mix concrete quickly and without making a big mess?

At the time, I was employed as a warehouse manager and I remembered that I used extra heavy duty plastic shipping bags for packaging bulky items.  These bags were 6 mils thick and were puncture resistant.  With a bag in hand, less than five minutes later, my concrete mixing job was completely done!  And best of all… I had nothing to clean up.  Boy was I excited!

Two weeks later, using one of our “prototype” Concrete Mixing Bags, I helped my brother install a basketball goal for his grandson.  We mixed and poured six 80 lb bags of ready mix concrete, in less than 30 minutes!  My brother said, “WOW!  No Bucket – No Tools – No Mess!”  

Amazing! We had the JOB DONE, in under 30 minutes and there was absolutely Nothing to Cleanup!

And that is the story of how The Cement Solution Company began.

The Cement Solution Company has taken an idea that was a simple solution to an everyday problem and turned it into a helpful, time saving product. The Reusable Concrete Mixing Bag is distributed through the leading Hardware and home centers, nationwide!  Ask for it by name.

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Concrete Mixing Made Easy

When you use The Cement Solution Company’s Reusable Concrete Mixing Bag, you will eliminate ALL of these traditional concrete mixing problems:

No wheel barrow, bucket or mortar box is needed.
No big “cloud of concrete dust” produced when emptying the paper sack. Gravity helps keeps the dust inside of the Mixing Bag.
No splashing of water and concrete dust during the mixing process.  All the mess stays in the closed Mixing Bag.
No concrete slurry is spilled or splashed out during the mixing process which can damage or discolor surrounding areas (unlike when mixing in a wheel barrow).
No concrete hoe, garden hoe or shovels are needed to thoroughly mix the concrete. You simply rock the Mixing Bag back and forth for 60 seconds.
No mixed concrete is spilled when it is being transferred to your concrete form or post hole.  The mixed concrete simply pours out of the Mixing Bag “like concrete delivered from a cement truck”.
No time consuming and messy cleanup of a wheel barrow, bucket, mortar box, hoe or shovel.

Leftover mixed concrete may be left in the bag for convenient disposal.  You won’t end up with dried clumps of concrete that must be picked up and disposed of at a later date.

When your job is done, you can use the Mixing Bag for disposal of your empty ready mix paper sacks.  


How it Works

The Cement Solution Company’s patent pending system for mixing and pouring concrete will help you get your concrete mixing job done in less time and with less work. And best of all, you will complete your concrete mixing job with No Mess and with the cleanup virtually eliminated!
A Simple Six Step Process:
1. Stand your ready mix bag of concrete on end and cut open the top.


2. Completely cover the opened paper sack with the Reusable Concrete Mixing Bag.


3. Invert the two bags together and remove the paper sack, leaving the dry concrete mix in the bottom of the Mixing Bag.
4. Add the required amount of water following the manufacturer’s instructions. Our “Helpful Hints” will guide you in getting the “perfect mix” whether you are mixing concrete for a step, sidewalk, footer or post hole.
5. Close the Concrete Mixing Bag. “Gather – Twist – Secure” the open end of the Mixing Bag using the reusable Hook & Loop Strap, which is provided with every Mixing Bag.
6. Rock the Mixing Bag back & forth for 60 seconds or until you see that the dry concrete mix and water are completely mixed. (No lifting required!) If a little more water is needed to get the “perfect mix”, the Mixing Bag can easily be reopened and re-closed.
NOW… Pour your completely mixed concrete!
     Most concrete jobs require more than one bag of ready mix concrete. For subsequent bags some customers like to rinse their Mixing Bag between batches, however this step is not mandatory. When your first bag is mixed and poured, simply start back with step number one and repeat the process until your job is complete!
When your job is completed, the used Mixing Bag makes an ideal disposable trash bag for holding your empty paper ready mix sacks.

No Buckets-No Tools-No Mess