Sleep is what makes up for your mind and body’s exhaustion throughout the day, every day. In the absence of healthy sleep, a person is prone to getting irritable. An excellent example of a sleep-deprived person is Trevor, the lead character from a European psychological thriller ‘The Machinist’. It is true to a great extent that long-term insomnia causes a person to lose his mind and get insane. Hence, a good night’s sleep is necessary to keep the mind and body in a fully functional state.

Here comes the role of melatonin – a hormone produced in the pineal gland situated in the brain’s center. It is highly responsible for regulating sleep in your body.

Sleep & Melatonin

How does melatonin regulate sleep?

The hormone is responsible for sending a signal to the brain and inducing sleep. It is also known as a sleeping aid. The science behind its relation with sleep regulation is profound. It is your body’s circadian rhythm or ‘body clock’ that automatically signals the pineal gland for secreting this hormone during the night. As it gets darker, its secretion increases, bringing you a deeper sleep.

Nevertheless, various causes like irregular sleeping, medication combinations or high stress can disrupt this ‘body clock’. As a result, melatonin production reduces leading to insomnia or sleeplessness.

The cure for insomnia

Insomnia leaves you with less amount of sleep than usual, or sometimes even lesser than the minimum requirement. Consumption of this compound as a food supplement goes as a widely accepted cure for insomnia. You can readily get them in the form of pills or liquid from health stores both online or offline. These supplements make up for lack of this sleeping aid in your body. You can take them for as long as there is a disruption in your sleep pattern. Once the usual routine is back, discontinuing it is advisable.

What’s the right source of this food supplement?

Although melatonin køb supplements as a cure for various sleep-related issues, knowing their source is important. These supplements are made with the help of various natural or synthetic sources. Since they are naturally occurring, it is best you opt for one having its sources in nature.

Experts say that whole foods are the best sources for the compound’s extraction. While natural sources are plenty including pineapples, walnuts, tart cherries, St John’s-wort, etc., tart cherries come out as the best option having it in high concentration.

Hence, in case you face sleep-related issues in your day-to-day life, consuming tart cherries as whole fruits is a good option. It is also available in different forms like powder, juice or dried cherries. However, those who do not like eating fruits may take it as a food supplement.

Make sure to maintain the hormone’s required level at all times and have healthy sleeping hours. It will not only keep your body at its optimum but also help balance your mental health.


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